CHelsea & matt

- May 4th, 2019 - Annapolis, MD -

From the Bride & Groom

“Elaina was incredible to work with from day one. She was organized, available, and took off so much stress when it came to all of the small details. She created multiple spreadsheets for us, worked with all of our vendors, tracked our budget, coordinated a million details, and was an overall pleasure to work with. Not only that, we got married in Annapolis and she knew the area very well. Our wedding was an absolute dream and Elaina kept everything moving seamlessly. We are so thankful to Elaina for helping us plan the best day of our lives!”

-Chelsea Buss

Natalia & jay

- November 9th, 2019 - Julian, CA -

From the Bride & Groom

“Elaina was so wonderful to work with! From the get go, she worked with us on a price and package we were comfortable with, and when it turned out she was potentially unavailable for our wedding date, she helped us find another coordinator to work with. In the end, she was able to co-coordinate our wedding and the results were fantastic!! Elaina drove up for a site visit, took photos of the venue, drew up a plan for setting up the venue and more. She brought up points I would have never though of on my own. On the day of, she was there to help with everything from picking up my wedding cake to ensuring my guests made it on the shuttle home. Not to mention - the venue set up was absolutely the vision of my dreams - she really knows what she is doing! If you were on the fence of getting a coordinator, like I was, you should definitely pick Elaina, you won't regret your decision!”

-Natalia & Jay Adiemy

Photographer: Gideon Photography

kevin & elizabeth

- December 29th, 2018 - Annapolis, MD -

From the Bride & Groom

Elaina, Kevin and I wanted to say thank you one more time for all of your help with our wedding- it was just perfect! We and all of our guests had a fabulous time! We still get comments on how great everything was set up and how great of a job you did! Thank you for all your patience, grace, professionalism, good judgement and incredible planning. As soon as we starting working together, you put both Kevin and I totally at ease. We knew that no matter what happened you would make sure that the wedding would go smoothly and it did! There was absolutely nothing left for us to worry about. Also, all of your recommendations from vendors, schedule and all the tiny details were incredible. You were always available for a quick phone call and responded to questions in a timely manner. Kevin and I truly enjoyed the planning process of our wedding with you at the helm and taking the pressure off. We had such a wonderful time, we wish we could do it all over again!! One of the greatest pleasures was getting to work with you. You were not just a wedding planner, but an ally, confident and friend. Thank you Elaina, we couldn’t have done it without you—you really did make our wedding dreams come true!

-Kevin and Elizabeth Ginn

Photographer: Christa Rae Photography

sarah & cole

- January 13th, 2018 - Poulsbo, WA -

From the Bride & Groom

"I met Elaina three months into the twelve I had to plan our wedding. She was in San Diego, I was moving to Rhode Island, planning a Pacific Northwestern wedding near Seattle. This required pretty serious long-distance planning on both of our parts! From our first meeting, I knew that she would be a great friend throughout the wedding planning process. She started with concept boards, which were spot-on, to ensure she captured the environment and personality we wanted for our wedding. She updated and added to these boards throughout the planning process as I found my wedding dress, chose bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits & uniforms (we had a military wedding), designed the cake and chose florals. Her ideas were so much more beautiful and creative than anything I could have dreamed up! Our budget was established very early-on, and she was faithful to it every step of the way. When it came to hiring vendors, she chose three or four of each within our price range, and only ones with excellent ratings and reviews. We chose from her small pool, which was much less overwhelming than conducting our own search and wading through tons of options. Once we chose a vendor, she locked them down for our wedding date right away. We never missed out on a vendor we wanted! Elaina was our best friend when it came to negotiating prices, times, and discounts, too. Some even waived their fees because of her help. Elaina was persistent and always very communicative with us and our vendors. She paid very close attention to the fine print in every contract, which saved us a lot of time, heartache, and even money. All of our wedding documents were shared on google drive. I loved her method of organization; it was very clear, easy to access, and always up-to-date. What’s truly unbelievable is that she did all of this while preparing for the birth of her first child! When it came time to hand our wedding plans over to our day-of coordinator (as Elaina was a BRAND new mom and unable to make it up to WA), the transition was seamless. Elaina continued to be involved, even after her contract had ended. Every detail, moment, and emotion of our wedding day was flawless and blissful!!! Even when I just needed advice on how to deal with difficult guests, failures to RSVP, and other unexpected challenges, she was always there with encouragement and very helpful recommendations. I cannot thank her enough for the stress I know she spared us. Elaina’s ideas and plans, put into action, resulted in our perfect Pacific Northwest wedding."

-Sarah Miller

Photographer: Juliana J Photography

kathryn & aaron

- July 22nd, 2017 - Oahu, HI -

From the Bride & Groom

"Relaxed and stress free are two words that PERFECTLY capture the emotions surrounding my husband and I on our wedding day and throughout the entire wedding planning process all thanks to E Anthony Weddings! Looking around at our venue on July 22 was the most surreal moment of our lives. To see everything that we'd imagined, discussed, and dreamed of come to life was completely amazing and we owe it all to Elaina's work behind the scenes. She has a true passion for event planning that shines through in her work quality and ethic and left me at ease throughout the whole process. From the moment I booked her she was extremely punctual in all of her correspondence and kept me fully updated on all vendor coordination, which I KNOW was difficult considering she was planning a destination wedding for us. As a complete "A" type personality I thought it would be hard for me to let go of the 'wedding reigns' and have someone take over, but Elaina adds such a personal component to her work that you don't feel like a "wedding planner" is helping you, but instead your best friend who just wants everything to be absolutely perfect for you.  If you are thinking you don't need a wedding planner and can handle all the preparation and coordination yourself you must reconsider! Enjoying every moment of your wedding day/weekend/week should be your number one goal, and by booking E Anthony Weddings you can guarantee that all of your wedding day dreams will be brought to life!"

-Kathryn Melton

Photographer: Love Records Collective

nancy & ryan

- April 1st, 2017 - Midlands, South Africa -

From the Mother of the Bride

"BRILLIANT. FANTASTIC. AMAZING. EFFICIENT. PROFESSIONAL. FUN. LOVING. PATIENT and I can go and there still would not be enough words to describe how amazing Elaina was. Dealing with 3 different continents, arranging a wedding in a country she has never been to. I have a new found respect for Wedding & Event Planners/Coordinators. As the Mother of the Bride, she took so much of my stress away, we all had time to enjoy the wedding without worrying about anything. I know that there were no hiccups, everything ran smoothly. Elaina, I cannot thank you enough for all that you did, you made it the best wedding ever and people are still commenting. Thank you."

 -Nadia Williams

From the Bride & Groom

"My family quite literally referred to Elaina as our "Unicorn Wedding Planner", the reason being is she is truly quite magical! She planned our dream day in South Africa, from San Diego, while working with my Italian parents in the UK and my Irish in-laws in New Hampshire. Not one detail was missed and every step was perfectly executed while keeping a calming and happy vibe throughout the process. Elaina took care of EVERY SINGLE detail, in a foreign country that she had not previously visited! She understood our vision better than we did. She found the best vendors and flew in with any additional items she couldn't find in SA. She worked with our vendors like she had known them for years and all of them gave glowing reviews and hope to work with her again! Everything was absolutely stunning and she did this all while staying on budget. 

Elaina helped us prioritize what would make our day most special for us. She has such an eye for beautiful things and the tiniest details that made all the difference. She went above and beyond to make our day better than we could have imagined! Elaina also coordinated our friends and family, no easy task;), and made sure we had the perfect day but also ensured our parents' ideas were heard, everyone was included and every guest had an awesome time! She handled any obstacle with grace and a solution driven energy! She made the whole experience stress free and fun! 

Elaina was our number one choice as for a wedding planner and we are incredibly lucky to have had her help. She always made use feel as though she had everything 100% under control and always put us first! 

There is truly not one thing we would have done differently! We are so thankful to Elaina and E. Anthony Weddings & Events for giving us our best day! 

-The New Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin

Photographer: Saysha Baker Photography

kelly & nate

- April 14th, 2018 - Annapolis, Maryland -

Photographer: Carly Fuller Photography

amy & nico

- August 18th, 2018 - Santa Barbara, CA -

From the Bride & Groom

"I was so lucky to have Elaina as my planner throughout the planning process and day off. I initially started planning by myself so I had most of my vendors set before I reached out to Elaina but she still did SO much for me. The venue came with a “day of” coordinator so Elaina reached out to her to assess where she could help. Elaina took over the communication with my vendors and with the hotels to manage the room blocks which took a a huge weight off my shoulders. She was so professional and organized the entire time. I loved the extremely detailed checklist/timeline that she created. Month by month I checked things off and it really made me feel like I was staying on top of things. Elaina was always so responsive and so easy to communicate with. We are lucky enough to live near each other so we would meet up to chat but when that wasn’t available we just emailed. She truly cares not only about helping to plan the perfect wedding but about the couple themselves and their comfort. I would email her with any little concern that popped in my head, and there were many! She definitely knows what she is doing. On the day of the wedding Elaina came by to the hotel to check on my bridesmaids and I to make sure we were all ok while getting ready. She also kept tabs on the guys to make sure they got to our hotel in time for the first look pictures. Since the wedding was barefoot on the beach I forgot my shoes at the hotel.  Elaina actually left the reception to go back to hotel to grab my shoes. I was just so lucky to have her to help me and would recommend her services to anyone planning a wedding!”

-Amy Sacco

Photographer: Yair Haim

charlotte & Jacob

- October 6th, 2018 - Annapolis, MD -

From the Bride & Groom

“My wedding was this past Saturday in Annapolis Maryland. Elaina has been with me planning, organizing, and keeping me sane since I got engaged a year and a half ago. When I say I COULD NOT have done this wedding without her, I absolutely mean it. Elaina worked with my husband and I on every single detail of our perfect day. She gave us easy options for vendors within our budget, set up an entire tasting and venue visit weekend for my mom, Jake’s mom and I in Annapolis, and made it so easy to take care of all the really big stuff. That’s only the beginning. Every seemingly minute detail of our wedding day was meticulously planned out and because of E, ran as smoothly as possible. Her complete and utter attention to detail made her able to bring my every vision to life! She kept it simple, elegant, and beautiful with every part of the decor, helped me figure out some DIY options to keep the budget down, and even helped provide us with extra special touches to make the venue feel like our style. Elaina absolutely captured every single aspect of a classic elegant fall wedding we were looking for, with some options that I would never have thought of but that really made our day exactly what we had dreamt it would be. Not only that, she was a constant presence on the actual day of... and she quite literally saved the day when I FORGOT THE RINGS! She flew at superhuman speed back to the hotel, legitimately sprinted across the ceremony venue and got them to us with about 6 minutes to spare. I cannot express my gratitude for the endless phone calls, visits, contract negotiations and everything E did for us. The business side of her company is incredible, but it can only be matched her personal understanding of the couples vision as a wedding planner. She takes a bride’s vision and runs with it (sometimes literally) to make your day everything you dreamed it would be and more. If I could give her one million stars I would. E is your girl for any event, but she really does have a special gift for putting together a dreamy, beautiful (and of course incredibly fun) wedding. My husband and I had 3 deployments and multiple navy detachments to deal with while planning this wedding, and Elaina worked with our schedules flawlessly in order to make sure our every vision came to life this past weekend for our destination wedding. I will never forget it, and I could not be more eternally grateful we had her by our side. Love you E!!!”

-Mrs. Charlotte Schalles

Photographer: Carly Fuller Photography

jillian & john

- August 17th, 2018 - Annapolis, MD -

Morgan & matt

- August 30th, 2018 - Annapolis, MD -