Hey there! I’m Elaina, also known as E, and I am the Owner & Lead Planner at E. Anthony Weddings & Events. After planning my own wedding from across the country, I realized what a challenging yet rewarding experience planning can be! I fell in love with the prep work & design required to bring my vision to life. I also became a bit of a “Bridezilla” on the day of my wedding, when I realized I had no one to pull together that vision and ensure everything ran smoothly on my big day! My first thought waking up that morning was, “Why didn’t I hire a Wedding Coordinator!?” Having learned so many valuable lessons during the planning process of my own wedding, I have committed myself to passing these lessons along and alleviating that stress from all of my clients!

I've been planning Weddings & Events for 3 years and I am a proud Navy Veteran! I am experienced in leadership, an excellent communicator, super organized and LOVE to work as a team! From small casual functions, to large formal balls, I've coordinated and executed everything in between. I've worked with budgets, big and small, and I know how to get the job done (all while having fun!), regardless of conditions or constraints. 

WHY me?

My number one priority is you, the client. I understand the stress and challenges that come with planning and my only objective is to alleviate you of those and allow you to enjoy yourself through out the entire planning process and MOST IMPORTANTLY on your big day!

I am fully committed to assisting you in creating the event of your dreams from start to finish, and everywhere in between.